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Family Law Software Pricing:  OH, TX, LA, AL, AZ, NE, and AR

Firm Subscription

# of Users


1  –  3 $35
4  –  10 $60
11  –  20 $115
21  –  50 $275
Full unlimited usage of DivorceHelp123 for firm users.

Client Matter Fee


Per Matter

Individual $195
10-pack -2% -50%
25-pack 5% -50%
50-pack -10% -50%
Full unlimited usage of DivorceHelp123 app for firm clients, for the duration of the matter.
Firms pre-purchase Matters then pass fees through to their clients on their next bill.

123 Pro Se Platform

DivorceHelp123 + Packaged Legal Services

Offer to leads who decide not to retain an attorney but want help with forms and document review. 

Use DivorceHelp123 brand or White-Label with your own. 

Partner with 123 to provide the Platform, while you define requirements for forms and workflow. 

Pricing applies for Ohio, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Arizona, Nebraska, and Arkansas

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