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DivorceHelp123: Best-in-Class Client App

  • Collect all financial & other data for all Family Law docs, calculations & reports
  • Step-by-step, intuitive, no legalese, income field help, in-app videos, only questions that apply, enter values in the way recieved on income statements, bills… 123 does the math
  • Collect disclosure & other documents uploaded to your Cloud document management service

Low effort Client experiences lead to retainment, retension, and returning, referring fans!


State-Specific Smart Financial Statement

  • One location for Clients & Staff to enter & update data
  • Calculations: Frequency, Equity, Separate Property, Health Insurance Portions, Totals*, Income/Expense, Cashflow Summary*, Net Worth Marital/Separate/All*, (*16 states have Genius version)
  • Flexible & powerful: comments, TBD, exclude values, grouping, additional categories, multiple employments

Beautiful, informative financial statements without dealing with complex calculations, clunky templates, passing files back-and-forth, stepping on toes with merge conflicts, errors!

Asset Distribution: Best-in-Class Property Division App & Excel Reports

  • Create & compare multiple property division “what-if” scenarios with intuitive asset allocations
  • Excel reports with real formulas, grouped by asset type, totals, portions, equalization factor
  • Real-time calculations & updates, visibility during allocations, and in summary/comparision

Clear visibility for decision-making without updating values over and over in multiple locations!

DocMaker123: Out-of-the-box & Custom Document Automation

  • Out-of-the-Box Templates: 100’s of court-provided state-specific Family Law docs
  • Upload Your Firm’s Document Templates
  • Automatically Merge 123 & Custom Field data

Clients update 123 and custom fields in intuitive DivorceHelp123 App without clunky, repetitive forms!

Disclosures & Other Files Upload to Cloud Service

  • State-specific and “Best of” disclosure categories
  • Clients & staff list and upload disclosure documents to your Cloud document management service
  • Automatically generate Disclosure Statement & other submissions with documents listed by category

Avoid unsecure and inefficient emailing of files, & save time by auto-generating Disclosure Statement!

Intake123: Cloud Initial Consultation Intake

  • Flexible automated intake workflows: website AutoIntake, in 123, in Clio with mapping & syncing
  • Configurable online form design with 100’s of form & section templates; standard & custom questions
  • Sophisticated form grouping, assignment, life cycle management, and versioning

Convert more website visitors to initial consultations, and more consultations to paying clients!

Child Support (Florida, North Carolina & Colorado)

  • Create & compare multiple “what-if” parenting time and income scenarios for visibility in decision-making
  • Different parenting plans for different children; show each calculation step; capped & extrapolated
  • Real-time calculations & updates from DH123; visibility during parenting time, income & expense entry

See parenting options side-by-side without entering & updating values in multiple locations!


Clio Integration

  • Add new Client Contacts, Matters, & Opposing Party Contacts: Clio > 123 or 123 > Clio; Sync Updates
  • Map existing Client Contacts, Matters, & Opposing Party Contacts: Clio < > 123; Sync Updates
  • Clients upload documents in DivorceHelp123 add folder organization and documents to Clio Documents
  • Documents generated in DivorceHelp123 get added to Clio Documents
  • Map & sync custom Intake123 form fields and other person contacts with Clio custom fields

Streamline and automate your intake and update workflows!

FamilyLaw: Manage Your Firm & Clients

  • Firm Setup wizards; new Firm Member in-app onboarding, Getting Started checklist: videos & interactive tutorials
  • Modern, secure, Cloud platform with automations based on easy configurations for Firm, Attorneys, integrations, etc.
  • Clients Dashboard: key information in summary e.g. last login date & last page visited; easy sort & filter

Modernize your firm’s tech & processes to meet & exceed the expectations of today’s clients and staff!


In-App Onboarding, Self-Help & Support

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