Eliminate hassle, duplicate work & errors with DivorceHelp123’s client App

Say “Goodbye” to

  • hounding your clients to finish tons of paperwork and send it to you in inefficient ways
  • tedious data transcription into multiple locations once you finally receive it
  • then starting all over again when it’s time to submit updated disclosures

Easy Step-by-Step Process for your Clients

The 1000s of clients who have used the 123 Client App love how they can simply click Next to be taken through the whole process like TurboTax.

With as much information that is required for the financial statement, 123 also lets your clients jump back in where they left off and easily find the pages they are ready to update.

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Everyday Language your Clients Understand

Most divorce and parenting responsibility forms include:

  • questions not relevant to their matter
  • legal terms clients aren’t familiar with

This causes confusion and hassle for your clients, and unnecessary calls to your office.

DivorceHelp123 customizes the questions based upon their matter type and their answers to previous questions like TurboTax.

DivorceHelp123 uses language people understand.

You can introduce legal terms on a need-to-know basis.

Help Along the Way

For each section and page that could use some context or additional explanation, 123 provides the right amount of instructions right when it is needed.

123 law firms and their clients receive the value of a certified divorce financial planner’s expertise as all the help for the income section was written by one.

Clients simply hover over anything they want extra help on.

123 Does the Heavy Lifting

Enter deductions and expenses in the frequency they are received and let 123 calculate the rate specified by the financial affidavit.

Group deductions and expenses based on how you receive your paychecks and bills.

Add your own deduction and expense categories not included on the static form.

Your Time is Spent doing most Effective Work

How would you like to stop wasting your time haranguing your clients to complete their forms; messing around with unnecessary emails, calls, and appointments; and completing tedious, error-prone data transcription from your clients’ paper or PDF forms?

With 123 you can focus your efforts reviewing clients’ information, getting Court Documents perfect for filing and providing legal advice.

More Automation = More Efficiency

Our mission at 123 is to make your work, and your clients’ experience, as effortless as possible.

Many Family Law systems require you to transcribe your clients’ forms into multiple locations: financial statement, child support worksheets, asset distribution worksheets, and into your law practice management solution… updating all those places as their information changes.

123 eliminates ALL of that. After your clients add and update their data in one location, 123 uses it everywhere — including automatically adding and updating clients, opposing parties and matters — as contacts and matters in Clio.

DivorceHelp123 Clio

Maintain Complete Control

Clients initially only have access to enter their data and don’t see anything else. When they generate their financial statement it shows a DRAFT watermark.

Block them completely when the financial statement is just right and you don’t want them to mess it up.

Unblock when it is time for them to update info or — if they are savvy — optionally give them access to add their own Support or Distribution Scenarios.


More Value from 123

Financial Statement

Separate Property

Asset Distribution

Child Support & Spousal Maintenance

Different Child Primary Offset

Certificate of Compliance & Certificate of Service

Work Anywhere with the Peace of Mind

Protection from Disasters, Failures, and Mistakes

Invest Your Time & Money in Your Law Practice, not IT

Firms with Online Software Eased into Remote Services Mandated by COVID without Effort

What-if Scenario Comparison: Sell or Keep Family Home, QDRO 401K

Show Decision Maker the Parties’ Final Proposals Side-by-Side

Child Support: Parenting Time, Income & Expenses Scenarios

What-if Scenario Comparison: How will Different Parenting Schedules affect Child Support

What-if Scenario Comparisons: How will Variable Income affect Child Support?

Show Decision Maker the Retroactive Child Support Periods

What-if Scenario Comparison: Sell or Keep Family Home, QDRO 401K

Earn the Loyalty of Clients who Return and Refer Their Contacts 

Reduce the Effort Level of the Typical Divorce Process

Convert More Consultations into Paying Clients

Make Intake Forms and Financial Disclosures Easier

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