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Frequently Asked Questions About DivorceHelp123

Functions and features

What exactly is DivorceHelp123?

DivorceHelp123 is a cloud-based platform used by family law professionals and their clients to collect client information and generate court-ready divorce forms, as well as other documents and reports.

How does DivorceHelp123 work?

Firm members, such as attorneys and paralegals, create new matters in DivorceHelp123. Then, clients are provided with an account and password, which they can use to log in and enter all the relevant case information through a straightforward and easy-to-use interface, using their own devices, from anywhere and at any time.

When clients are finished writing in their information, firm members can review, update, and annotate their submissions. If anything’s missing, they can request clarification from clients.

Then, firm members can easily generate and download court documents such as Financial Statements and special reports such as Asset Distribution, all of which are automatically filled in and calculated using the data provided by their clients.

What is document automation?

Document automation uses smart workflows to facilitate the creation of legal documentation. It minimizes time spent entering, correcting, and updating information, and reduces the risk of human error.

DivorceHelp123 can be described as a document automation system built directly for family law professionals.

What data can I collect with DivorceHelp123?

DivorceHelp123 has fields and settings for most information types associated with family law cases. These include financial data like assets and debt, domestic data like children and living situations, professional and educational data, and others.

What can I do with collected client data?

Firm members can review client information and update it as they see fit. Primarily, they use DivorceHelp123 to generate documents and reports, which are automatically filled in and calculated using the data provided by clients.

Is DivorceHelp123 available for my state?

DivorceHelp123 has features available for every State in the U.S. Although we are based out of Colorado, most of our functionalities have been validated for state-specific requirements across the nation, and we actively work towards bringing new and existing features to professionals of every state.

To sum it up:

Asset Distribution: all states

Custom documents and templates: all states

Financial Disclosures: CO, OH, TX, LA, AL, AZ, NA, and AR

Child and Spousal Support: CO

Does DivorceHelp123 do Asset Distribution?

Yes! Our Asset Distribution app helps you create, visualize, and compare asset distribution scenarios to help decision-makers. And it’s available for all States!

Does DivorceHelp123 do Child and Spousal Support?

Yes! Currently available for Colorado, our Support App helps you create, visualize, and compare support scenarios.

How does DivorceHelp123 benefit my practice?

Our platform drastically cuts down on time spent collecting and updating information, as well as preparing and proofreading documents. Thus, you can focus your billable time on tasks that matter most, and deliver a better experience for your clients.

How does DivorceHelp123 benefit my clients?

With DivorceHelp123, clients can enter their information on their own time from anywhere. That means less time spent going back and forth with their attorneys and paralegals just to do repeated data entry, a more streamlined client experience, and less effort put in overall.

How does DivorceHelp123 collect client data?

DivorceHelp123 provides a one-stop destination for clients to input their data, with a straightforward and easy-to-use interface written in everyday language.

How do firm members access DivorceHelp123?

Firm members can access DivorceHelp123 through the login page, with their own credentials.

How do clients access DivorceHelp123?

When a firm member creates a new matter, all they have to do is write in their client’s email and login information will be sent to them so they can access the platform.

How much time does it take to fill in information?

Although it varies on a case-by-case basis, clients are expected to fill in their information in about (time).

Can information be edited or updated?

Yes! Both clients and firm members can edit and update information, and that will be automatically reflected in subsequent docs and calculations. Keep in mind you can limit permissions, so no unexpected changes!

If I want to go back to modify information, do I have to fill out all those same forms again?

No. Once you enter your information into DivorceHelp123, you can simply log in to the system and update any information that has changed.

How does DivorceHelp123 compare to FamilyLawSoftware?

Both DivorceHelp123 and FamilyLawSoftware offer solutions for family law professionals at comparable pricing, but DivorceHelp123’s features are much deeper. You get custom documents, comparison reports, and more!

How does DivorceHelp123 compare to HelloDivorce?

While both DivorceHelp123 and HelloDivorce offer family law solutions, HelloDivorce is aimed at everyday people who wish to divorce without legal representation, while DivorceHelp123 is aimed at family law professionals and their clients.

How does DivorceHelp123 compare to Clio?

Clio is the market leader when it comes to general-purpose legal software. DivorceHelp123, on the other hand, specializes in the needs and wants of those who practice family law.

Compatibility and usability

What type of lawyers can use DivorceHelp123?

DivorceHelp123 is primarily aimed at family lawyers, although professionals specializing in other practice areas such as state planning may find many of our features to be useful.

Can paralegals use DivorceHelp123?

Yes. Paralegals and other assistants can use DivorceHelp123.

Can divorce clients use DivorceHelp123?

Yes, as long as their attorneys use it. DivorceHelp123 is meant to bridge the information gap between professionals and clients.

Does DivorceHelp123 require an internet connection?

Yes. DivorceHelp123 is a web-based application, which is accessed through your browser with an active internet connection.

What browsers does DivorceHelp123 work on?

Although we support most modern browsers, we recommend Google Chrome for the most stable experience.

Does DivorceHelp123 work remotely on the cloud?

Yes. DivorceHelp123 is hosted on secure remote servers, making it a cloud application.

Can DivorceHelp123 run on iPads or other tablets?

Yes. DivorceHelp123 is usable on everyday devices, especially for divorce clients.

Does DivorceHelp123 work with Mac?

Yes. All operating systems that support web browsers, including the MacOS your MacBook runs on, work with DivorceHelp123.

Documents and forms

Does DivorceHelp123 have the forms I need?

DivorceHelp123 can generate Financial Statement forms for family law professionals in CO, OH, TX, LA, AL, AZ, NA, and AR, with more coming in the future.

You can also upload your own forms using our DocMaker123 app, included in your subscription.

Our platform is in active development and new forms are added frequently. If you have a specific request, let us know!

What documents, forms, and reports can I generate with DivorceHelp123?

DivorceHelp123 provides Financial Statement forms for family law professionals in CO, OH, TX, LA, AL, AZ, NA, and AR, with more coming in the future.

Our Asset Distribution app is available for all States and can generate property division comparisons and reports.

With DocMaker123, available for all States, you can choose from premade templates or upload your own custom forms, so the sky’s the limit here.

Finally, Child and Spousal Support reports are available for Colorado.

Does DivorceHelp123 include premade templates?

Yes. DivorceHelp123 is built in with templates for Financial Statements, Asset Distribution, and Support reports – no setup needed. Also, DocMaker123 is included with DivorceHelp123 and comes with hundreds of out-of-the-box templates.

Can I use DivorceHelp123 for custom firm documents?

Yes! You can use DocMaker123 to convert all your existing forms and documents to readily available templates.

Can I include my firm name and logo in printed documents?

Yes. You can configure your documents to include your firm’s name and logo.

Can I modify or update documents using DivorceHelp123?

Yes. All you have to do is update information and documents generated afterwise will reflect your changes.

Can I use my own Microsoft Word or Google Docs documents with DivorceHelp123?

Yes! DocMaker123 takes .doc files and turns them into templates ready to use with information collected from DivorceHelp123.

How do I download generated document?

The download button is readily available on the top left corner of the screen. Once information is filled in, just click it and select the appropriate document.

How many times can I download generated documents?

As many as you like, and changes will reflect as you go along.

How long will it take for DivorceHelp123 to complete the documents and get them to me?

DivorceHelp123 is a truly online software application that not only accepts your information but generates your documents programmatically.  That means you select Print and you create your own instantaneous documents.  You can see what they look like and modify them until they are how you want them.  It also means that you can update the information any time you want, as many times as you want during your matter, and re-print.  This is very important because certain documents such as the Sworn Financial Statement are required to be submitted towards the beginning of your divorce, and an updated version must be submitted again at the time of your hearing.

Will the forms DivorceHelp123 creates be accepted by the Court?

Yes.  Family Law attorneys have been using DivorceHelp123 documents for over 10 years, with thousands of documents submitted to the Court. While clients and firm members are responsible for the information they enter, the documents that DivorceHelp123 generates use court-approved documents.

Apps and integrations

What apps are included with DivorceHelp123?

Your DivorceHelp123 subscription includes both the firm and client apps, which you and your clients can use to input, review and modify case information, as well as generate documents.

The FamilyLaw app helps you manage your firm users and keep information secure.

The Asset Distribution app helps you visualize and compare property division scenarios.

The Support app allows Colorado users to visualize and compare child and spousal support scenarios.

DocMaker123 can be used to convert your Microsoft Word and Google Docs docs into templates compatible with DivorceHelp123.

Finally, Intake123 creates simple intake forms for your website.

What is Asset Distribution?

Asset Distribution is an app included in DivorceHelp123. You can use it to visualize and compare property division scenarios.

What is Support?

Support is an app included in DivorceHelp123. You can use it to visualize and compare child and spousal support scenarios.

What is the difference between the firm app and client app? Do I need a subscription for both?

With the DivorceHelp123 firm app, firm members can create matters, review and update information, and generate family law documents.

With the DivorceHelp123 client app, clients can input case information.

Both are included in your DivorceHelp123 subscription.

What is DocMaker123?

DocMaker123 is an app included in DivorceHelp123. You can use it to upload your own custom court forms, firm reports, contracts, and so on. It takes .doc files from Microsoft Word and Google Docs, and converts them to templates ready to fill in with information gathered from DivorceHelp123.

What is the FamilyLaw app?

FamilyLaw is an app included in DivorceHelp123. You can use it to manage your firm settings, users, and privacy.

Does DivorceHelp123 work with Clio?

Yes. Our Clio plug-in syncs intake data to your Clio account.

Security and privacy

Is DivorceHelp123 secure?

Of course! We use secure servers and encrypt all data so that sensitive information stays between you and your clients. Read our Security Whitepaper to learn more.

Where is client data stored?

DivorceHelp123 and the data you upload to it are hosted in secure Amazon Web Services servers. No information is recorded on your or your client’s devices.

How can I avoid a client from editing information?

With DivorceHelp123, you can manage editing permissions to make sure information is only updateable when you want it to be.

Can other attorneys or paralegals change client information?

Only if you want them to. Firm users can only access the matters they have access to.

What happens to my information if I cancel my subscription?

Encrypted data remains in our servers for a certain time before deletion, in case you wish to renew your subscription.

You can always request data to be permanently deleted.

Can clients be deleted?

Yes, you can delete clients from your account.

Can I delete sensitive information?

Yes. Send us a support ticket and we’ll delete the information you request us to delete.

Pricing and subscription

How much does DivorceHelp123 cost?

DivorceHelp123 subscription pricing starts at $35 for most States and scales based on the number of users needed.

Billed separately, firms pre-purchase client matters for each of their cases, and pass costs to clients at their discretion. Matter pricing starts at $149, but bulk discount is available for packs of 5, 10, or 50.

How does DivorceHelp123 pricing work?

DivorceHelp123 pricing works on a firm-wide subscription basis, as well as a per client matter pricing.

Monthly subscription grants access to all DivorceHelp123 features for all users included in the selected plan. Once purchased, client matters remain available as long as needed, at no additional charge.

An example law firm would acquire a DivorceHelp123 monthly subscription, and as many client matters as they need. They then bill the cost of the matters to their respective clients, at a cost lower than a single billable hour (assuming a $250 hourly rate, which is the national average).

What does client matter means?

Aside from the monthly subscription, DivorceHelp123 pricing accounts for each divorce case input into the system. We refer to these as client matters. They are available for purchase individually and in bulk, and the cost is designed to be passed on to divorce clients.

Do client matters expire?

No. Purchased client matters remain valid for the entirety of the case. You may continue using your matters as long as needed, at no additional charge.

How many users can I have on DivorceHelp123?

As many as you wish. Our pricing table accounts for up to 50 users. If you need more than that, let us know and we’ll set up a custom plan for you.

Does DivorceHelp123 offer a free trial?

Yes. Just sign up and you’ll have 30 days to test out our platform, no credit card is needed.

Can I restart or extend my free trial of DivorceHelp123?

Yes. If you’ve tried out DivorceHelp123 in the past and would like to test it out again, just sign up again and you’ll be prompted to reset your free trial.

If you’d like to keep your ongoing trial active, reach out and let us know. We’re generous with extensions.

Does DivorceHelp123 have a sign-up fee?

Nope. Pricing is based on subscriptions and matters, with no initial fees.

Is a DivorceHelp123 subscription necessary for clients?

Not at all. Your firm subscription also covers your clients.

Support and training

What if I have questions… does DivorceHelp123 provide someone who can help me?

Yes. Besides our everyday language, clear instructions, Hover Help, and demo videos, DivorceHelp123 offers support tools. You may easily create a Help Desk ticket right inside the app. If you are reporting a defect in the application it will be routed to DivorceHelp123 Customer Success. For any questions about the information you should enter, your ticket will be sent to the Help Desk Staff person assigned to your case from your law firm.

Does DivorceHelp123 offer training videos?

Absolutely. We have a big library of support and training videos to help you get started with our platform.

Does DivorceHelp123 offer live training and onboarding?

Yes! Reach out to your account representative and we’ll get you started in no time.

Can someone help me with custom documents?

Yes. We offer service packages to convert your firm’s documents into templates compatible with DivorceHelp123, to your requirements and needs. Reach out and we’ll be glad to help.

I have another question. Where can I direct it?

Send us a support ticket! We’ll get back to you soon.

Specific use cases

What types of cases does DivorceHelp123 work with?

  • DivorceHelp123 can generate documents for the following cases:
  • Divorce
  • Dissolution of Marriage
  • Dissolution of Domestic Partnership
  • Dissolution of Civil Union
  • Legal Separation (domestic partnership, civil union, or marriage)
  • Separation of Bed and Board

Keep in mind additional document templates can be created using DocMaker123, opening the door to other types of cases.

Can I use DivorceHelp123 for contested divorces?

Yes. DivorceHelp123 online software creates necessary documents required by the Court which may be used with a contested divorce with an attorney who uses DivorceHelp123. In reality, very few divorces are actually uncontested, and many who go that route give up on a fair settlement.

Does DivorceHelp123 work for child-related issues in which parents were never married?

Yes. These cases require similar court forms as divorce cases, such as a Sworn Financial Statement and Child Support Worksheet.  DivorceHelp123 will walk you through the process of the case.

My firm does pro bono divorces. Can I get special pricing?

Yes, we support and encourage pro bono attorneys. Send us a support ticket and we’ll get you set up.

Does DivorceHelp123 work with pro se cases?

Yes. indirectly. We offer white label software solutions for family law professionals interested in assisting pro se cases.

My case requires information not currently available in DivorceHelp123.

Let us know! DivorceHelp123 is in active development and we’ll be glad to support your use case.