Seamless Legal Document Automation for Family Law Professionals

Generate state-specific and legal documents and forms automatically populated with appropiate case information with DocMaker123. Download or upload directly to your Cloud document management service.

Included with DivorceHelp123 subscription!

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Empower your firm’s potential

  • Automate time-consuming tasks

  • Standardize document processes

  • Update information in real-time

  • Generate court-ready legal documents

DocMaker123 Seamless Integration

Deliver effortless experience to your clients

  • One-stop access, no back and forth

  • Secure cloud-based Client app

  • Access anytime, anywhere

  • User-friendly interface with everyday language

How it works

Upload your existing documents or use our hundreds of templates, automatically fill in client information, and download or upload for print, archival, and filing.

  1. Choose a template or upload your own forms using our MergeFields or your own Custom fields
  2. Let it process into always-ready, always-available smart templates
  3. Collect client information using DivorceHelp123’s intuitive client platform
  4. Templates autofill with appropriate case information
  5. Generate print and court-ready PDFs and DOC files
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DocMaker123 Seamless Integration

Cut down on error-prone timewasters

Focus your billable time on what really matters.

How much of a hassle is it for you, your team, and your clients to go back and forth between endless forms and documents?

With DocMaker123, you can finally put an end to manual information gathering, data entry, and constant updating. Just upload once and let the app handle the rest.

Your own legal docs, all in one hub

Organize all your legal docs in one place. Be it firm templates, client reports, or court documents. Filter by categories, matter types, and cases, and find whatever you need in seconds.

Borrow templates or upload your own with built-in variables made specifically to suit the needs of family law professionals. Customize, categorize, preview, and update as cases develop.

DocMaker123 Template Petition
DocMaker123 Template Petition

Priority professional services

No time to waste? Your account rep can get you up and running with custom docs tailored to your firm and needs.

Can’t find the right data field? Our team works around the clock to address the evolving requirements of family law pros. Let us know what you need and we’ll figure things out.

Effortlessly collect data and automate in seconds

DocMaker123 plugs directly into DivorceHelp123’s premier client data collection platform. Don’t invest time and resources hounding your clients to get the information you need – just send a link and let them input it themselves in a secure, cloud-based, easy-to-understand form.

From there, you can generate auto-filled documents with the collected information, and update them as you see fit.

Over a hundred state-specific premade templates

DocMaker123 comes battle-ready with over a hundred and growing premade family law docs. Access state-specific compliant and validated documents built by our team from our ever-growing library of templates.

Check out what’s available and submit requests!

Effortless experience for everyone

In a family law case, nothing’s quite as valuable as peace of mind – for your team and for your clients.

Go paperless

Good for the environment, good for your wallet.

Connected to what you use

Collect client data with DivorceHelp123, sync data to Clio, get templates from and to Google Docs and Microsoft Office.

More Value from 123

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Certificate of Compliance & Certificate of Service

Easy Step-by-Step Process for your Clients

Every Day Language your Clients Understand

Help Along the Way

123 Does the heavy Lifting

Your Time is Spent Doing Most Effective Work

More Automation = More Efficiency

Mantain Complete Control

Work Anywhere with Peace of Mind

Protection from Disasters, Failures, and Mistakes

Invest Your Time & Money in Your Law Practice not IT

Firms with Online Software Eased into Remote Services Mandated by COVID without effort

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