Easily Generate State-Specific Divorce Documents, Calculations & Custom 123 Reports

Say “Goodbye” to

  • clumsy Word templates, PDF and fixed Excel data entry
  • doing your own calculations
  • updating current info into multiple locations

State-Specific Financial Statement

Securely generate Family Law court documents without the hassle, duplicate work, and errors using traditional options.

Clients enter and update their info in 123’s client app, DivorceHelp123.

Your staff reviews and edits in your advanced version of DH123, and prints.

123 is packed with features to make it easy to enter divorce documents in the same way bills and paychecks are received, auto-calculating frequencies and sums according to the state specified requirements.

123 gives you the flexibility to add comments wherever you want, designate TBD values, and show amounts on the financial statement that are excluded from the totals.

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Separate Property

When your clients’ matter is an original dissolution of marriage, they are asked understandable questions about whether the asset was acquired before the marriage or received as a gift or inheritance. If so they are then asked questions about their assets’ previous values.

In the firm member’s advanced access of DivorceHelp123, you select the calculation method depending on the case details:

  • State Statute
  • Pre or Post Nuptial Agreement
  • Co-Mingled Funds

123 does the calculations for you.

Asset Distribution

Asset information entered by your clients in their client app, DivorceHelp123, is used dynamically when you create Asset Distribution scenarios to generate divorce documents. As you allocate the assets, gauge the distribution totals as you work.

You have every option needed to calculate the equalization payment according to the matter’s needs.

Download the editable Excel Asset Distribution reports that include Excel formulas for distribution totals and equalization factors.

When values are updated in assets to reflect changing balances and appraisals received, those values are automatically reflected in the Asset Distribution scenarios.

Child Support & Spousal Maintenance 

Your clients enter information about their children, income, and expenses in DivorceHelp123.

This information is used dynamically — with state-specific statute defaults — when you create Child Support and Spousal Maintenance scenarios.

Child and Spousal Support can be calculated separately, or combined, utilizing calculated spousal support in the child support calculation.

Every state-statute variable is available as well as options for capping or extrapolating values when combined adjusted gross income values exceed the statute parameters.

Different Primary Care Offset

When the children of the relationship have different primary care parents, use DivorceHelp123’s Different Child Primary Care Offset Report to calculate and present the Child Support total in family law court documents in accordance with CRS 1410115(8)(c)(I).

Certificate of Compliance & Certificate of Service

Clients submit their mandatory disclosures, as required by Rule 16.2, to you. DivorceHelp123 allows you to automatically generate the Certificate of Compliance.

DivorceHelp123 also offers a generation of a Certificate of Service for the Sworn Financial Statement and the Certificate of Compliance.


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Child Support: Parenting Time, Income & Expenses Scenarios

What-if Scenario Comparison: How will Different Parenting Schedules affect Child Support

What-if Scenario Comparisons: How will Variable Income affect Child Support?

Show Decision Maker the Retroactive Child Support Periods

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