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LegalTech firm DivorceHelp123 launches major product as Family Law sector becomes increasingly digital

DocMaker123, a new product included in DivorceHelp123’s suite of apps, brings much-requested document automation functionalities to family law professionals.

The app allows users to upload a law firm’s existing legal documents, as well as choose from an existing library of hundreds of out-of-the-box state specific Court forms and other firm templates. Divorce professionals can generate auto-filled court-ready docs with a single button.

DocMaker123 synergizes with DivorceHelp123’s other legal tools. Case information collected in the DivorceHelp123 Client app, such as financial or employment data, is readily available to use in DocMaker123. Firms can add their own custom fields which are added to the DivorceHelp123 user interface and are also available as merge fields to include in DocMaker123 templates. That same data can be seamlessly used elsewhere in the platform, such as in their recently launched Asset Distribution and Financial Statement apps.

Flexibility is DocMaker123’s biggest strength. While past offerings from DivorceHelp213 have been focused on providing either automated court documents or decision-maker reports, DocMaker123 can be used for everything from internal firm documents to mandatory forms.

Hundreds of out-of-the-box templates are available

As part of DivorceHelp123’s push for national adoption, DocMaker123 is launching with a hefty library of premade state-specific Court forms and other firm templates.

“Family Law professionals will be able to find most of the documents they’ll need for their court filings, firm documents, and reports,” says Debra Mignola, Founder & CEO of DivorceHelp123. “Our team is aggressively working towards converting ALL standard Court-provided Family Law forms from across the nation, so our library is continuously growing.”

On top of that, users can upload their own documents, using file formats from standard word processors such as Google Docs or Microsoft Office Word. Once up in DocMaker123, templates auto-fill with relevant case information entered by clients and firm staff in the intuitive DivorceHelp123 app and generate print or eFiling-ready documents. While the DocMaker123 platform is easy-to-use to create firm templates and on-boarding is provided, DivorceHelp123 offers professional services to create them for busy law firms. During the Clio conference DivorceHelp123 will be offering the creation of documents for free for those attendees who subscribe.

“We’ve seen how valuable it can be to automate financial statements with our software. Now we’re bringing that functionality to all sorts of different documents to fit the needs of family law professionals. I’ve created some templates, myself, and it is an amazing platform! I can’t wait to get it in the hands of our customers.”, says Ms. Mignola.

A cloud-connected future for family law

As the American public settles into an increasingly remote and cloud-connected way of living, professional software vendors bridge the gap to bring together workers and clients logging in from home.

Colorado-based firm DivorceHelp123 saw the writing on the wall a decade prior. Since 2011, their set of apps for divorce attorneys and other family law professionals has boasted a cloud-based platform to gather case data from clients and generate court docs.

Their “connect from anywhere” approach, a daring move back in the day, has become commonplace for apps integrated into both home and workplace, and is still a foundational value for the company.

“Our #1 priority has always been making life easier for divorce clients”, says Ms. Mignola. “When you’re going through one of the most traumatic life experiences one can go through, the last thing you need is to pull yourself apart going back and forth to appointments and filling out long and confusing forms,” she continues.

“It’s a no-brainer for attorneys, paralegals, and other professionals, too. Why invest so much time and effort getting information out of clients, when you can focus that energy on more valuable tasks?”

DocMaker123 is available as part of a standard DivorceHelp123 subscription, along with half a dozen other Family Law-focused apps.

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