DivorceHelp123 Launches New App for Family Lawyers in Ohio, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Arizona, Nebraska, and Arkansas

LegalTech provider DivorceHelp123, specializing in software for Family Law firms and their clients, introduces state-specific Financial Statements for OH, TX, LA, AL, AZ, NA, and AR

DivorceHelp123, a Colorado-based Family Law software provider, strengthens its nationwide value offering as the firm launches new features for users in key states.

The Software-as-a-Service company debuts a set of automated, state-specific Financial Statement tools for lawyers based in Ohio, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Arizona, Nebraska, and Arkansas.

This news comes after the recent release of 123’s Asset Distribution App which fulfilled DivorceHelp123’s vision for national expansion. Asset Distribution allows family law professionals across the U.S. to facilitate property division in their divorce cases.

Smart Financial Statements are now available to Family Law attorneys in select states

ProVaultLLC DBA DivorceHelp123 makes a broad step forward in its commitment to provide powerful LegalTech solutions for divorce professionals and their clients across the country with the release of their automated Financial Statement App to key states.

DivorceHelp123 is a web application used by divorce professionals and their clients to collect necessary information in easy-to-use, cloud-based forms. Client information is then used dynamically to calculate and compare “what if” child support, alimony, and asset distribution scenarios, and generate reports and court-required documents.

Previously available only to Family Law firms based out of their native Colorado, DivorceHelp123’s Financial Statement application allows lawyers and paralegals to collaborate online with their clients to collect financial and other information and generate Financial Statements on the fly for court submission.

Financial disclosures are key to providing decision-makers with the information they need to determine child support and “who gets what”. Financial Statements are also quite complex, prone to error, and cumbersome to complete without modern tools to collect the client data, make the calculations, and generate the required documents. DivorceHelp123’s Financial Statement App has solved these problems for divorcing individuals and their law firms in Colorado for over ten years and is now available in six more states!

Ohio, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, and Arkansas do not require a specific format for their financial statement. DivorceHelp123’s Family Law Attorney Business Analysts completed a deep analysis of Financial Statements across the nation, evaluating disclosure information that is valuable for dissolution of marriage and parenting matters, and reviewing formats that present the data in an organized and clear way. They designed a “Best of” Financial Statement for states that do not require a specific format, taking valuable content from each of the nations’ financial statements and presenting it in the best way. DivorceHelp123’s Best of Financial Statement merges the Best of content and format with state-specific matter types, Court addresses, and caption content and formats.

“The release of Financial Statements for select states represents a landmark achievement for DivorceHelp123,” Debra Mignola, Founder & CEO, says, “because this extends the automation of complex court-mandated case documentation needed by thousands of law professionals across the country.”

More states are to follow soon. “This is a very requested feature – whenever we meet with family lawyers, the very first thing they ask for are these features”, Ms. Mignola says. “We have been working on several other states’ mandated content and formats while developing our Best of Financial Statement. Keep your eye out for the release of more states’ mandatory Financial Statements in the near future.”

DivorceHelp123 trusts their years of expertise in the matter: “We’ve provided LegalTech services, including automated Financial Statements, to Family Law pros in Colorado for more than a decade. We understand what they need to improve and digitize their processes, and we want to bring that insight to new users across the nation,” Debra continues.

Client experience is key to LegalTech growth, both in and out of the family lawyer’s office

At the core of DivorceHelp123’s value proposition is the improvement of the client experience. In fact, Debra founded DivorceHelp123 after going through a divorce and experiencing, firsthand, the inefficient, time-consuming, and frustrating process of gathering and submitting financial information. She states, “Collecting data shouldn’t be a hassle for anyone involved –especially during the painful life experience of going through a divorce– which is why our Family Law software focuses on bridging that gap and taking the frustration out of the experience.”

“DivorceHelp123 believes in the principle of the effortless experience. The less effort you ask out of your clients, the more loyal they will be to your firm: completing their matters with you, referring you to others, and returning for post-decree matters. That’s why we offer an all-in-one tool to gather information, accessible remotely by clients via a web browser, from any device no matter where they are.”

“From there, lawyers and paralegals can annotate, modify, and use that information as they see fit, including our built-in tools to automatically generate Asset Distribution reports and, starting now for new states, the Financial Statement document”, explains Ms. Mignola.

About ProVault LLC DBA DivorceHelp123

DivorceHelp123 is a software as a service company headquartered in Colorado. Founded in 2009, DivorceHelp123 has served thousands of family attorneys and their clients with collaborative Family Law Software that easily collects clients’ financial data and generates state-specific Family Law documents, spousal support, and child support calculations, and reports needed to complete a dissolution of marriage and other family legal matters.

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