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DivorceHelp123 makes it easy to complete the documents for your divorce or modification of child support

  • 100% Secure & Accessible
  • Eliminates Frustrating Paperwork
  • Contested Or Uncontested Divorce
  • Never Married With Kids Or Modify Child Support
  • Collaborate With Your Attorney

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DivorceHelp123 Saves You Time And Money

Without DivorceHelp123

  • Frustrating paperwork
  • Confusing legal questions
  • Expensive data transcription

With DivorceHelp123

  • Step-by-step online program
  • Saves time
  • Saves money

Praise for DivorceHelp123

Greg Williams, Customer Monument, CO

“It’s clear that  DivorceHelp123 has been designed by experts who understand the legal intricacies and who have been through the challenging process first-hand. The software is extremely user friendly and I cannot imagine having to go through a divorce without DivorceHelp123.”

Teresa Drexler, Attorney
The Drexler Law Group

“A real time saver with tremendous value added because we only have to go to one place to enter and update data. DivorceHelp123 makes it easy to compare several child support and spousal maintenance options side-by-side, which allows our clients to make important decisions when confronted with multiple options.”

Laura Berkey, Managing Paralegal Denver, CO

“DivorceHelp123 is conveniently easy for Clients to complete their Sworn Financial Statement online. After asking the Client important financial questions detailed in assets and liabilities, this service generates the Sworn Financial Statement ready to be reviewed by their Attorney and then printed, signed and filed with the Court.  Simple, concise and very user friendly for Clients.”

Smart Reasons To Choose DivorceHelp123

  • 100% Secure

    Your information is stored in a highly secure online data center so you won’t have to worry about your spouse finding confidential information on paper forms, files, or software on your computer.

  • Accessible

    Update your information from your laptop or mobile device at home or anywhere that you can access the internet

  • Eliminates Costly Paperwork

    Avoid writing the same information over and over and then paying a legal assistant to transcribe your information into the proper format

  • Calculates For You

    The system calculates your data automatically so you don’t have to worry about the math or making costly mistakes

  • Updates Your Data Automatically

    When you make a change to your information the program updates the data automatically throughout the system

  • Court Forms

    Easily and accurately create your Sworn Financial Statement, spousal support forms, and child support forms

  • Collaborate With Your Attorney

    You and your attorney can both log into the system to collaborate about your options

  • Compare Child Support Options

    Side-by-side comparisons help you make better informed decisions

Just a Few of Our Powerful Features

Useful Legal Information At Your Fingertips

Confusing legal terms are replaced with simple everyday language to answer your questions

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Colorado’s Leading Family Law Attorneys Trust DivorceHelp123

Attorneys who use DivorceHelp123 save their clients time, money, and frustration

Robert Wareham
The Law Center, P.C.

Scott Goldman
Goldman Law, LLC

Michael Luchetta
Weeks & Luchetta, LLP

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • q-iconMy spouse and I do not agree on many things. Can I use DivorceHelp123 if my divorce is contested?

    Yes. DivorceHelp123 online software creates necessary documents required by the Court which may be used with a contested divorce, whether you represent yourself (pro se) or you retain an attorney to represent you. In reality, very few divorces are actually uncontested, and many who go that route give up on a fair settlement.

  • q-iconThe mother of my children and I were never married and now we are splitting up. Does DivorceHelp123 work for me?

    Yes.  Your case is called an  “Allocation of Parental Responsibilities”, often abbreviated APR.  APR cases require similar Court forms as divorce cases, such as a Sworn Financial Statement and Child Support Worksheet.  DivorceHelp123 will walk you through the process of your APR case.

  • q-iconIf I want to go back to modify child support because of a change in income or parenting time, do I have to fill out all those same forms again?

    Yes. You have a Modification of Parental Responsibilities matter, which requires a Sworn Financial Statement and a Child Support Worksheet.  Once you enter your information into DivorceHelp123, you can simply login to the system and update any information that has changed.

  • q-iconWhat if I have questions… does DivorceHelp123 provide someone who can help me?

    Yes.  Besides our everyday language, clear instructions, QuickHelp, and ShowMe videos, DivorceHelp123 offers several forms of Customer Support with a real human being: Help Desk tickets, LiveChat, and phone support.  DivorceHelp123 Customer Support will help with legal information and how to use the online questionnaire. We do not give legal advice as we are not hired to represent you.

  • q-iconHow long will it take for DivorceHelp123 to complete the documents and get them to me?

    DivorceHelp123 is the only truly online software application that not only accepts your information but generates your documents programmatically.  That means you select Print and you create your own instantaneous documents.  You can see what they look like and modify them until they are how you want them.  It also means that you can update the information any time you want, as many times as you want during your matter, and re-print.  This is very important because certain documents such as the Sworn Financial Statement are required to be submitted towards the beginning of your divorce, and an updated version must be submitted again at the time of your hearing.

  • q-iconDo you guarantee that the forms DivorceHelp123 creates will be accepted by the Court?

    Yes.  Family Law attorneys have been using DivorceHelp123 documents for several years, with thousands of documents submitted to the Court.  Not one DivorceHelp123 document has ever been denied by the Court.  While you (and your attorney, if you have one) are responsible for the information you enter, DivorceHelp123 guarantees that the document formats are Court approved.

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