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Clio is one of the most popular apps for law professionals, thousands of whom use it and its growing ecosystem of Clio integrations to keep up with their day-to-day tasks.

This year, the company hosted its 9th annual Clio Cloud Conference — for the second time as a digital format. We at DivorceHelp123 proudly were part of it, both as a digital booth as part of the expo section, as well as presenters of a Product Pitch. 

Our founder and CEO Debra Mignola was invited to deliver a digital presentation, which you can watch here:

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The great thing about Clio is how it can handle everything from clients, and cases to billing and management. Well, almost everything. The software offers general-purpose utilities for attorneys, paralegals, and other industry pros, but it can’t possibly cover every single practice area-specific need. 

That’s where specialized apps like DivorceHelp123 come in. As one of 240+ tools that feature integrations with Clio, it belongs to the largest collection of legal apps and services on the net. By uniting both, you can bridge the gap and adjust your workflow between Clio’s general tools and DivorceHelp123 family law-oriented features.

Clio + DivorceHelp123: A match made in heaven

DivorceHelp123 built its first Clio integration all the way back in 2014, more than 7 years ago. As of the time of writing, it’s grown into a powerful intake utility you can offer to clients as they schedule their appointment for an initial consultation, and take their information to both Clio’s general law firm management tools and DivorceHelp123’s specific Family Law tools.

That means that any attorney, paralegal, or financial specialist can use both of the tools to create a complete cloud-based solution for family law professionals

How our values align

Clio and DivorceHelp123 are aligned in their mission to provide clients with an effortless experience. We know that both law professionals and their clients want and choose solutions that take the weight off their backs. And we know how important it is because we’ve been there.

DivorceHelp123 was started after our CEO, Debra Mignola, had a sour personal experience, involving the confusing, inefficient, costly, and error-prone, and above all frustrating experience of going through the legal motions of a divorce.

It was an enormous contrast to what has become expected of professional services — and it happens at the most stressful time of a person’s life, no less.

That’s why DivorceHelp123 is built from the ground up based on the client’s perspective. Our vision is to provide clients with an easy way to enter their information and to have visibility regarding their child support and asset distribution choices. All of this is in order to have appointments with their attorneys only when absolutely necessary.

How your data syncs across tools

As a family law professional, you know that divorce clients already have a lot to go through without taking into account the frustrating experience of submitting their financial information.

And we know, from working for over 10 years with family law pros, that you don’t want to spend your valuable time doing data transcription.

That’s why we set up functionalities to provide family law professionals with tools to fit their specific needs, such as financial statements, rather than use clunky court-provided templates. This way, clients only need to enter their data once, and our system syncs it across different forms and tools.

Our decision-making tools help clients really visualize how different parenting times or property division options will affect their child support and asset distribution.

We have served thousands of firms and clients over a decade in Colorado, and our services are expanding across the States. Our goal is to provide a useful platform so that you and your clients can focus on the matter at the time.

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